Why use an Independent Financial Adviser, aren't they all the same?

You would think so, but it's not the case.


If you agree that advice from someone who is impartial and unbiased is important to you, then we believe the right person to ask for advice is an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA).

Its about choice ...

Its about impartiality

Its about seeing the whole picture

Most importantly, its about YOU and YOUR future

Thinking about the future

An Independent Financial Adviser is the only type of adviser who can give you unbiased and impartial advice.

The world of financial services can be both confusing and daunting, so where do you go for financial advice. The bank or building society? This would be an obvious first stop for most people.


"I know the manager there" - "The person I see is very nice" - "I've been with them for years"


Yet consider, would you buy a TV from a shop that only sold one brand? Probably not. Why? Because (excuse the pun) you won't see the whole picture. With so many TV's to choose from you want to know that the TV you ultimately buy - is the right one for you. Not because it's all they could offer. 

Of course buying a TV is far removed from asking for financial advice, or is it? The reasoning is exactly the same as your TV purchase - you want to know the advice you receive is right for YOU.

So the bank or building society may have a very friendly adviser who you have known for years, but are they truly independent working on your behalf, or are they tied to a particular company or restricted in the advice they can give?  Getting the right advice means speaking to the right people.

Why Stubbington IFA?

Because you will be treated as the unique individual you are, and be assured that your adviser will not be a different person every year.


Because you will not be just another "customer" where you have to identify yourself with an account number.


Neither do you have to speak to a call-centre when you want to make contact.


Call us, and discover the difference.