Planning your retirement and pension income

Whether you are looking to retire in 40 years, or 40 weeks, do you have a good idea what retirement will be like for you?

“I’ve got quite a few years yet”

Retirement planning is usually started while you’re still working and is an ongoing process of establishing and reviewing your retirement goals and finding ways of ensuring financial security throughout your retirement.

Although it is a straight forward idea, when you look into retirement planning it can feel quite daunting especially when you have so many other priorities and it seems so far away. This is the reason it gets put off by a lot of people.


However the earlier you start thinking about it the easier it will be to achieve your retirement goals.

Without doubt retirement is a major milestone in your life, don’t get it wrong. It is the longest holiday you will ever have!
“I’m retiring very soon”

If retirement is imminent, the objective now is deciding how to convert the “pension pot” to an income producer. These are important and sometimes irreversible decisions. Good advice to crucial.

For those who have planned and regularly reviewed their plans, they will know what retirement means, it might not be all they would like, but they know how much income they will have to enjoy and how much capital they have to spend.

"We have retired"

If you are already enjoying your retirement, you will want to make sure that your capital is working hard and your income will remain sufficient for your needs.

Additionally we can help you you budget and help you forecast your cashflow.

With regard to your investment strategy the focus is more on a sustainable income without ignoring capital growth.

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