The Financial Planning Program

Our Financial Planning program is an ongoing process where we work with you to make sure your plans remain on track.

​​It begins with the first consultation is which free. There’s no charge, and no obligation, while we find out how best we can work together. Remember YOU are in control at all times

Luck is not a strategy


Our relationship starts by getting to know you and understand your aims and goals.


We then take away al the information you provided and analyse it to provide you with a complete picture and plan of action.


Once we have completed our analysis  we meet with you to present our findings and to make our recommendations for your approval.


Once you have approved our recommendation we implement them on your behalf.


We agree our on-going relationship to monitor the progress of your Financial Planning.

failing to plan, can be planning to fail 

Our relationship starts by getting to know you and understand your aims and goals


Even if you think your circumstances and financial arrangements are relatively straightforward you may be surprised to find there are lots of scenarios to consider.

Financial planning is finding a way to achieve your goals and aspirations. For example you might want to retire early or you might want to send your children to private school or maybe fund their university fees.


Unfortunately, just thinking about what you would like to achieve isn't going to make it happen. You need to start with a plan.


In this plan, you will need to consider what future events you know you what to plan for, and bear in mind some of those unexpected hurdles life may present which may affect those plans.


In some instances, you may think there isn’t anything to plan for, you just want to invest a lump sum of money for example. You might be surprised to find that you may need to think about income tax and possibly capital gains tax and inheritance tax. That’s before you consider accessibility and flexibility, and don’t forget you may want to use the capital to produce an income in the future.


Unsurprisingly with so much to consider preparing a financial plan can be difficult. Asking for advice can do much to ensure that the plan is successful.

Plans are nothing: planning is everything

Dwight D Eisenhower

He who fails to plan is planning to fail

Winston Churchill

Our Analysis
​​We include a detailed analysis of investment and savings objectives with recommendations for assessing and shortfalls and how best to manage your existing capital in line with your objectives.

We aim to ensure that your personal allowances are utilised to minimise your Income and Capital Gains tax liability, and also the use of your partner’s allowances where appropriate.

We aim to ensure your will is written in a way that supports your financial planning.

A service unique to Stubbington IFA, CashFlow is designed to help you understand the interaction between your Investments, Income & Expenditure and Inheritance Tax.