How we are paid?

No hidden Fees

Our introductory meeting is absolutely free

This is to give you opportunity to find out how best we can work together, without you worrying about the cost. You simply need to set aside some time to talk to us.

The introductory meeting gives new clients the platform to tell us in general terms what they expect from us, the scope of advice they require, and the level and frequency of ongoing service they will need. Remember there is no charge for the first consultation and absolutely no obligation.

After the initial free consultation, we will agree with you whether we are to be paid by means of a fixed fee payable by you, or by means of a fee incorporated in the cost of any financial product you buy, or a combination of the two.

For some paying a fee for financial advice is very different to the way they may have become accustomed to, where the service received appeared to be free, of course as we all know there is no such thing as a “free lunch”. It only appeared to be free because the adviser was paid by commission by the product provider.


Unfortunately commission driven remuneration was not always fully understood, transparent or qualified and could possibly be biased to product driven advice.

In contrast, at our initial meeting you will be provided with a copy of our Terms of Business and Fee Prospectus, these documents describe and set out how we are paid for the work that we do and our ongoing commitment to you.

....  in all cases we will confirm our fee in writing before beginning work for you. At no time will you be expected to pay a fee that you hadn't agreed to beforehand.

Our highly transparent fee structure confirms both our commitment to treating clients fairly  and our unbiased Independent Status